Chase Hardeman, a former special ops veteran, is left questioning whether his past covert missions in the Middle East are the cause of the chaos that’s erupted in his life. Dreams of leaving a clandestine war behind and becoming a legend like his father in the auction arena teeter on the brink once he implements a contingency plan amidst an FBI investigation. Captivated by an old flame, Chase navigates the dark corridors of the collector car world in search of a myth. He believes finding this hidden treasure will reveal answers to a ghost buried in the desert of Mosul known to US intelligence as the Prodigal. On this perilous quest, Chase is drawn closer to a deadly threat as he leverages the criminal underworld to prevent a global terrorist attack. With the clock ticking, Chase is forced to relive the past in an imminent showdown and discovers the truth is not as it seems. 


"Williams is a master storyteller, who clearly knows how to craft a complex and compelling plot. He has yet again created a heart-stopping narrative that grips you from the outset. This is a mile-a-minute read. Ingenious. Intelligent. High intensity. At the same time, there is an authenticity to the writing. The characters feel real. There is a strong visual, filmic quality to the novel. A riveting read, and very difficult to put down."


Award Winning Publicist, formerly Publicity Manager for Little Brown Book Group

(part of the UK's leading publisher, Hachette)

With the DNA of a world traveler, D.J. Williams was born and raised in Hong Kong, igniting an adventurous spirit as he ventured into the jungles of the Amazon, the bush of Africa, and the slums of the Far East. His global travels submerged him in a myriad of cultures, providing a unique perspective that fuels his creativity.

As a fresh voice in mystery and suspense, his novels have climbed the charts on Amazon Hot New Releases, ranking as high as #21 (Espionage Thrillers), #22 (Vigilante Justice), and #30 (International Mystery & Crime). Residing in Los Angeles, Williams continues to develop new projects for television, film, and print.