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First Book in the YA Series is Finished


Earlier this year, D.J. signed a deal with WANDER, an imprint of Tyndale House Publishers, for an exciting YA trilogy. With the holidays upon us, we are excited to share the first book in the series is now in the hands of the editorial team at WANDER. While we cannot reveal any exclusive details about the series - not yet - we can say this is an epic global adventure that will grab YA readers from the first page.

"Having an opportunity to write the Beacon Hill series is a dream come true. It is a story that has resonated in my heart and soul for years, and to see the characters come to life on the page has been such a thrill. There are so many surprises already, and I've only just finished writing the first book! My hope is this series will grab readers in a unique way and inspire them along their life journey."

Don Pape of Pape Commons, was first to read an early synopsis of the series and represented D.J. in negotiating the multi-book deal with WANDER.

"D.J. is a brilliant writer and I'm delighted that Tyndale's imprint, WANDER, is taking his storytelling to a younger audience. I'm honored to represent D.J. and already breathless from reading the initial manuscript. WANDER will add D.J. to an already burgeoning roster of fresh, youthful YA authors like Matt Mikalatos and Jessie Corban.”

Acquired by Publisher Linda Howard, the Beacon Hill trilogy will debut in 2023.

"A great story draws you in, introduces you to characters you deeply care about, and keeps you enthralled until the very end. D.J. tells great stories that meet all of the criteria above, and we at Tyndale Wander are thrilled to be partnering with him on this series. Get ready to be captivated and pulled into the world of Beacon Hill."

While the editorial team moves ahead with the first book, D.J. has already begun writing the second book in the series. We share all of this with you because you are part of the journey, and your support has made this opportunity possible. More exclusive details will be shared with you after the new year leading up to the 2023 debut of Beacon Hill.


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