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D. J. Williams to publish Beacon Hill series with Wander

Carol Stream, Ill. (January 19, 2022) — Tyndale House Publishers (@tyndalehouse) has announced that D. J. Williams will publish a three-book series with Wander, Tyndale’s YA imprint. The first book of the series, Forbidden City, will release in April of 2023.

Williams is the author of The Auctioneer, an adult thriller that garnered praise from Kirkus Reviews and Thriller Magazine, among others. He brings his suspense skill and love of adventure to his YA debut. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Williams’s experience as an expat and world traveler provided unique inspiration for the Beacon Hill series, which is set mainly throughout Asia but expands across the globe as the quest unfolds. Long-lasting friendships from his youth in Hong Kong were a spark for the characters in the series, with fuller inspiration coming from Williams’s desire to craft a supernatural, historical, and culturally diverse story rooted in our world.

The Beacon Hill series centers on Jack Reynolds and his circle of fellow students at an international boarding school in Hong Kong. Jack is estranged from his corrupt father and is struggling to accept the shocking death of his sister, Rachel. In a downward spiral, he must fight to answer the question of who killed Rachel as he battles against his addictive tendencies. The search for the truth leads Jack and his friends to discover a supernatural underground world and a secret society that is rising up to attack humanity. The Beacon Hill crew must locate a series of ancient treasures before their enemies can weaponize them.

Williams shared, “Having the opportunity to write the Beacon Hill series is a dream come true. It is a story that has resonated in my heart and soul for years, and to see the characters come to life on the page has been such a thrill. There are so many surprises already, and I’ve only just finished writing the first book! My hope is this series will grab readers in a unique way and inspire them along their life journey.”

Linda Howard, associate publisher of Tyndale Kids said, “A great story draws you in, introduces you to characters you deeply care about, and keeps you enthralled until the very end. D. J. tells great stories that meet all the criteria above, and we at Tyndale Wander are thrilled to be partnering with him on this series. Get ready to be captivated and pulled into the world of Beacon Hill.”

D.J. Williams is represented by Don Pape of Pape Commons. For more information or for media inquiries, please contact Madeline Daniels,


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